With 38 years of experience, our exceptional demolition crews have honed their expertise in this specialized field. They tackle the most demanding projects with unrivaled capability, from precision dismantling to intricate architectural deconstruction. Led by dedicated foremen with rigorous OSHA training, our teams prioritize safety and proficiency.

When you choose our experienced crews and skilled foremen for your demolition needs, you can be confident that you’re hiring top-notch professionals. They have exceptional skills, extensive experience, and a strong dedication to getting the job done right. Your project is in capable hands, and we guarantee outstanding results.



white boxing

In the competitive real estate world, whiteboxing has become a game-changer for property owners. It helps make outdated spaces more appealing to potential tenants, sparking their interest and making it easier to prepare the area for painting and customization.

However, achieving the best whiteboxing results requires a skilled and meticulous crew. At Holbrook, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. Our expert team ensures the space is ready for the next steps, like painting and customization, creating an atmosphere that speaks of possibilities. Our approach stands out, making the space ready to impress any tenant or occupant, no matter how discerning they may be.

Holbrook is your go-to for excellent whiteboxing. We focus on precision and practicality, breathing new life into your space and creating an atmosphere that speaks of possibilities. Trust us to revitalize your property, making it appealing to potential occupants and setting it apart from the competition.


Hard Demolition

Concrete, asphalt and masonry are no problem for our trained crews. We can quickly and efficiently saw cut concrete for trenching, remove curbs,

Dumpster Rental

As one of the only demolition companies in the LA area with their own trash hauling/recycling capabilities we are proud to offer 1-yard dumpsters. 

 Through our partnership with California Waste Services we offer  40-yard dumpsters. This service comes with the same reliable commitment to customer service that our clients have become accustomed to. 



At Holbrook, we boast a highly skilled workforce trained to tackle a diverse range of projects. Our team is well-equipped to handle various tasks, from hauling and cleaning to providing general labor services. Whatever your project demands, we are committed to meeting your requirements with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

With a deep sense of pride in our workmanship, our dedicated employees are poised to serve your labor needs diligently. Their expertise and experience enable them to deliver results that exceed expectations. Rest assured, when you engage our services, you can rely on our team to provide the necessary manpower to accomplish your project successfully.

Whether you require assistance in hauling heavy loads, maintaining cleanliness, implementing protective measures, or any other labor-related task, we stand ready to lend our expertise. Our goal is to ensure that your project is executed seamlessly, with precision and attention to detail, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your endeavors.

Put your trust in Holbrook Construction, where our trained labor force is prepared to go the extra mile to meet your specific project requirements. Experience firsthand the exceptional service and dedication that sets us apart

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